Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is the very special for every woman, On such a special day every bride wanted to be look like a celebrity, Something like totally different makeup scheme to their usual look without losing the natural beauty, but many are worried about getting it wrong and ending up looking garish or overdone. Find a best makeup artist, who will come up with a wedding makeup combination that suits both your skin tone and your wedding theme, can ensure that you look beautiful & natual in your wedding photos.

How to choose a wedding makeup artist ?

While you’re expecting a natural outlook from a makeup artist, first you better explain about your events very clearly, it’s something like

  • At what time you should be ready
  • Location type, it’s day time or night time..etc
  • Tell them if you have any dark circles, pimples, black dots..etc
  • If your skin is not clean better to go for trail makeup
  • Tell them about your sari/dress color that you’re going to be wear on that day
  • Tell them what kind of hairstyle you have in mind for reception, sangeeth, wedding…

Your makeup artist should have a wide range of styles in their repertoire and they should be prepared to listen to what you want, based artists reply take your decision

When you have a trial your makeup, artist should try out a few different looks to make sure they get exactly what you want. If you aren’t happy with your makeup trial try to find someone else who is best in your city.

We can proudly say that we are the best bridal makeup artist’s in the city. We will give you 100% confidence on your wedding day looks, just go with us and feel like a celebrity bride on your dream day. My teams are always on time, be patience, they are professionals and always happy listen what you need and clear all you’re doubts.

For brides, choosing the right makeup artist is quite a task. With 1000 different artists in the city and 50 different recommendations from friends and family, how do you choose the right one?

Here are some tips from SminkUp!

1. Be Clear on What You Want:

Be it a traditional look or an evening reception, create a mood board of all your looks. If you are not clear on what you want, keep the pictures of your costumes (sarees, gowns, etc) ready, so that you can get advice from your makeup artist on what will suit you based on your color theme, skin tone and morning or evening event.

2. Don’t just go by Instagram:

Yes, it is tough! But Instagram is not everything. Almost all the pictures that you see on Instagram or Facebook are heavily edited or filters are used. Just Instagram references will not do it. You can ask your MUA for a trial session or a direct appointment to see their work. We at SminkUp make sure that SminkUp team will give you the best makeup artist teams for your events.

3. Figure out the transportation and logistics:

Most of the artists coming from different cities will require you to take care of the stay, travel and food. Make sure to do your arrangements as soon as you confirm them. If you are working with an artist from your own city, be sure to confirm the timings. It’s always better to keep a buffer time, this will allow you to work stress-free instead of cutting it too close.

4. Talk about your skin:

Makeup is very personal. Talking about your skin type will allow the artist to do a better job. If you have super oily skin, without a proper primer and setting powder, the chances of all your makeup getting ruined in just a couple of hours are highly likely. Similarly with dry skin, without moisturizer, the makeup will start cracking. Ergo, always have a candid chat about your skin with the makeup artist early on! SminkUp & Team is always do the best makeup according to your skin-tone and this is one of the reasons it lasts long time.

5. Meet the artist in-person:

Though only a handful of artists offer trial makeup, it is always advised to meet your artist or the team before the actual event. Create a good rapport with them. Do a test run on the kind of products they are using to avoid last-minute allergy flare-ups. Discuss everything in detail. SminkUp & team will be always with you to provide the best makeup services for you.

6. Delegate the coordination:

Being the only point of contact with the MUA is a recipe for disaster. Don't be a part of the coordination work. Hand it over to your best friend, mom or anyone close to you. Delegating this work will help you keep your calm without any last-minute tensions.

7. For the hands & nails:

Similar to makeup, create a mood board for your Mehendi designs as well. Sit down with your makeup artist & plan it ahead. Make sure to test it for allergies! And remember to paint your nails after Mehendi & not before, as the henna will stain your nails.

8. Here are some extra tips for the big day:

Make your eyes pop: Hours of sitting before the fire and posing for photos can make your eyes look droopy. A good amount of kajal and the correct use of colours will make your eyes pop!
Be a Glow Getter: Never say no to highlighter. They’ll make you snake like the moon on a night.
Layer up long-lasting products: Long-wear eyeliner and long-wear foundation are important. Make sure to have your artist only use long-wear products to last your looks till the last moment of finishing up your ceremonies and posing for those portraits.
Blush is your best friend: A bride’s beautiful pink blush is always a delight. It will instantly brighten the skin.
Touch-Up: Feel free to ask your makeup artist to leave some extra lipstick or highlighter touch-ups. Most of the artists leave as soon as the main makeup is done. You might not get a chance to do touchups if you don’t have the same shade used before. That’s it, ladies! Just give a call to our SmunkUp team to look nothing less than a princess on your big day!